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Yellow is Forbidden
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Yellow is Forbidden
Fashion Designer Guo Pei Works to Join the World of Haute Couture

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Comments (4)

Anonymous picture

A mixed bag. Not sure how I feel about this documentary. Very very beautiful and the "fashions" were really more costume than anything else. By Guo Pei's own admission, many of her creations can barely be worn - too heavy, too tall, shoes that can't be walked on, even by professional models, ...Read more

Anonymous picture

What about Alexander McQueen? He was the chief designer at Givenchy and designed a lot of wacky "museum-quality" art and dressed like a bloke half the time.

Anonymous picture

Good documentary! Aaah-mazing photography and visuals. Sweet ode to mother during closing credits.

Opal avatar

Wow! Amazing designs, wonderful movie.