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Anonymous picture

A difficult topic handled with intelligence, honesty and compassion.

Anonymous picture

While the film is emotional and visually stunning; it is incredibly misleading and rife with horrid misinformation about intersex people and intersex issues.

Instead watch:

"Both" 2010, by Lisset Barcellos (Vimeo)

"Last Summer at La Boyita" 2009, Julia Solomonoff ...Read more

Anonymous picture

rama, thank you for your post. I have not watched XXY, but I just watched "Both." I can't stop crying for Pedro and Rebecca. Very grateful for the elderly relative who sent the photos.

Anonymous picture

what about this is misleading or misinformed?

Anonymous picture

Aside from the general public, XXY, would be an excellent film for opening a discussion with young adolescents on human sexuality, which is detrimentally confined within social definitions. Sexual identity is so integral to being, that no society or group has any right to dictate any standard ...Read more

Natasha avatar

Definitely one of my new favorites - Ines Efron is incredibly and beautifully striking in her performance and I found the film to be both thought-provoking and relatable in unexpected ways. Highly recommended!