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The Witch
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The Witch
The VVitch: A New-England Folktale

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Comments (22)

Anonymous picture

I don't usually like horror movies. It was artful folklore. The fact that some of the dialog was taken from transcripts make it more interesting. Love this artful movie. Anya Taylor-Joy made the movie, so expressive and believable.

Anonymous picture

WOW. I am so glad I watched this. One of the better horror movies that I have ever seen. Classic, cult, blood, and beauty combined. Preferred the casting, and the sets to Hereditary - as I've seen some compare the two. Enamored with this - the dialogue - the use of rich history - masterfully ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I had given up on all new movies for many years. I found them to be written poorly or just plain immature and silly. I'm very impressed with the writing and acting in this movie as well as Heredity. I would have never guessed that the Horror genre is where the best dialogue and acting ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Did not really like this the first time I watched but decided to give it another watch. Liked it better the 2nd time through and absolutely loved it on the 3rd watch.

Anonymous picture

This was so offensively sexist that I cannot believe it has such high ratings. The worst stereotypes of misogyny are resurrected and violently enacted. At first we thought the portrayal of women as "witches" in this film was a kind of intentional stereotype to be deconstructed at the end but ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Is the mere depiction of these stereotypes enough to condemn the film as "offensively sexist"? What is sexist about the messaging? The subtext? Personally, I found the film to be somewhat subversive with regards to patriarchy, oppression, and religious zeal. The female character "confirmed" ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Grateful to see this response, when this first came out I was taken aback that this sort of response wasn't more common. Much more common was the lame think-pieces calling this "wildly feminist," whatever that means these days. Apparently if a woman is depicted on screen in any capacity ...Read more

Anonymous picture

The realistic fantasy in this film is intriguing to the imagination.

Janice avatar

Regret the waste of my time.

Anonymous picture

My tastes usually lean toward slow, talky films, so it's hard to put my finger on why the pacing of this one grated on me. When things happened, I was interested... though about half of the interesting action takes place in one ten minute burst toward the end.

Solid performances and ...Read more

Anonymous picture

My favorite movie of the last 10 years.

Anonymous picture

Loud music & SFX do not a scary movie make. The sound track is completely over the top and ham fisted. The film feels like a play crossed with a made-for-TV horror movie.

It's really a shame because in the hands of a more adept writer and director this could have been a very ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Ominous music is way too loud, and strained. All in all the plot was predictable and trite.

Anonymous picture

A great horror that combines multiple elements of the genre to create an intense story.

James avatar

This is a great film. The knowledge and research that went into this "folktale" is deep and in nearly every detail. The more one knows about many things regarding this time and place and the beliefs concerning witches and purist Calvinism, the more one will appreciate the film. For the ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Scary for sure.

Anonymous picture

I did not like it much. The way things happen are very predictable and to me was very simplistic. I thin the only good act was Thomasin's. The one thing that is perturbing is that the evil wins, which is helpless and hopeless. And if it is so easy to just take over a person, a extremely ...Read more

Anonymous picture

A24 reigns over the genre of horror-- a masterpiece lives and breathes in The VVitch, from cinematography to the performance of the cast to the delicacy with which Eggers handles the time period.

Frank Sherman avatar
Frank Sherman

Whene people talk about cinematography, they obviously haven't seen this film yet. I'm so fr*cking interested in watching this movie. Innovation happened right here in 2015 with the witch. Top ten.

Anonymous picture

A fantastically shot, moody looking film where the acting and dialogue are so totally accurate you are completely 'there'. The story unfolds with such subtlety you are unsure if this is a case of religious hysteria or the literal hand of Satan. For greatest effect watch it after sitting in a ...Read more

Joseph avatar

As Count Floyd would say on Monster Chiller Theater, "Very Scary."

Anonymous picture