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What Remains
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What Remains
The Life and Work of Photographer Sally Mann

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Comments (5)

Anonymous picture

Interesting; couldn't quite grasp what she was saying with the corpse photos. I know it wasn't simply a macabre interest.Requires some thought.

Anonymous picture

worth watching. the film is as contemplative as the subject's photos. much wisdom there, some of it is frugal.

Anonymous picture

To be able to follow so closely the creative process of an artist such as Sally Mann is an enormous privilege. I found it infinitely inspiring and highly recommend it. She is a generous and nuanced narrator so it did not surprise me to find out she has an M.A. in creative writing and is the ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Captivating, luminous Sally Mann - a pure original. This is a loving and intimate portrait of one of our best American photographers.

Anonymous picture

Inspirational - down to earth and loved every minute.