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Wallander Season 2

Wallander Season 2
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13 episodes in this series

Episode 1 The Revenge
Wallander has bought a dream house by the sea, but his peace and quiet is soon shattered when a man is murdered and several car bombs are detonated. The local…
Episode 2 The Guilt
When a young boy goes missing, suspicions immediately fall on a previously convicted paedophile, and vigilantes start attacking him and his elderly mother. However, when the boy is found dead…
Episode 3 The Courier
After the murder of a motorcyclist, the investigation soon reveals that bike racers are being used as drug couriers from Denmark to Sweden, and that the killing was part of…
Episode 4 The Thief
Homes are burgled and a vigilante group is formed. Soon Wallander is convinced there's been a double murder, although no bodies have been found.
Episode 5 The Cellist
The police go to great lengths to protect a cellist who is due to testify in a Russian mafia trial. While on a stakeout, trainee Pontus is shot.
Episode 6 The Priest
A priest is shot outside a low budget hotel in Ystad and is fighting for his life in hospital. Who would want to kill a priest? Wallander has no clues,…
Episode 7 The Leak
When a security van is robbed, Wallander suspects a leak inside the security company.
Episode 8 The Sniper
When a small-time crook is killed by a sniper, Wallander and the Ystad police investigate.
Episode 9 The Angel of Death
A girl in a choir disappears and is later found dead; then her best friend in the choir also disappears. Suspicion falls on a strange man who has been seen…
Episode 10 The Ghost
A cottage by the sea, owned by a local charity that lets it out to the public, is ravaged by a gas explosion. The burned corpse of a man is…
Episode 11 The Heritage
A cider manufacturer is murdered during a business party. When more people with connections to the business are killed, Wallander starts suspecting that the killer is to be found within…
Episode 12 The Collector
A woman is found murdered in her flat, and in the subsequent investigation the loyalty of one of Wallander's young colleagues is put to the test.
Episode 13 The Witness
A young girl is hiding somewhere in Ystad. It is obvious that she has seen something terrible and that someone wants her silenced. At the same time a trial of…

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Anonymous picture

The much-sought-after Season 2 that is missing elsewhere. The stories are even better than season 1 and not as "final" as season 3 (neither of which is available on Kanopy). Not to be confused with the BBC's abbreviated "Branagh" English series but with much the same plot lines, you'll ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Thank you, Jack.