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Visual Acoustics
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Visual Acoustics
The Modernism of Julius Shulman

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Comments (5)

Anonymous picture

2 b in a box, yet feel out side of it, Ah modernism outside of time and space, so 2 speak *

Kim avatar

A well rounded and engaging film that kept me in a romantic mood for days gone by. I love modern architecture and seeing one of the most famous of its photographers , just completed me. Nice music and would have liked to hear some lounge music for accenting the times.

Anonymous picture

Excellent documentary. It's not just a retrospective of his work; the film crew was with Shulman who was still working at the time, so he is in most of the scenes. He talks about his early years and his work with the major modernist architects, and he gives some insight into how he composes ...Read more

Anonymous picture

A mesmerizing biography of Julius Shulman who brought the Modernist Architectural movement to the world through his stunning photographs. Meeting Shulman is almost as joyful as albums of wonderful photographs presented. Many iconic houses are also filmed including the spectacular Kaufman ...Read more

Eric avatar

Two things were apparent to me upon my initial meeting with Julius in 1999. The photography was only half of the story; Julius himself was the other.

I refer to him as the "eternal Eagle Scout" as his genuine love for nature, people, and the arts updheld my 98-year-old friend in a ...Read more