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Comments (7)

Jessica avatar

Great film! It addresses so many topics! Sex and a woman's choice is essentially just a double edge sword. You're a slut or you're not, there isn't much of an in-between. It's a sad fact, but I don't think its gonna change anytime soon. I really want to be proved wrong.

Anonymous picture

Haven't seen the movie yet, but I can answer the question. Misogyny in a patriarchal society that wants to constantly control females. Sad that in the year 2018 this still exists and in fact, is worse than when I was growing up. Can't wait to watch the movie!

Sarina avatar

I love this film. Not only is it educational and informative, but I felt the act of watching “Unslut” also tapped into some pain within me that I had unknowingly long buried. I cried for the first 15 minutes of the film remembering how in my high school days girls would be branded and ...Read more

Anonymous picture

True. And I think females are damned either way. If they aren't sexually active they are harassed, labelled, etc. If they are, they are also harassed and labelled. The problem is the ones doing those behaviors and how we are raising our children.

Lauren avatar

Such a moving documentary! I really enjoyed the beautiful animation used when telling women's stories. It was also very inspirational to see how a lot of these women are involved in activism and making sure their stories are heard all over the world.

Anonymous picture

A very important documentary calling for an end to the word 'slut' by demonstrating how powerful, dangerous and empty this label is. Using her own and other women's stories, this film not only acts as a call to action, but also a confronting reminder that we all need to work together (men and ...Read more

Tom avatar

I really enjoyed this. Emily Lindin has done an amazing job. Telling the story using her own real life experiences and those of others is really powerful. I appreciate how open everyone is about their experiences too - it can not have been easy