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Turn It Around
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Turn It Around
The Story of East Bay Punk

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This was a great documentary about a place in time. I love watching these kind of documentaries. It's like looking back at a scene report from an old zine from 30 years ago. Since this seemed to go a little more into the Lookout Records. I've often wondered, what actually happened to the left ...Read more

Anonymous picture

More generous than a casually buzzed doorman who looks the other way at your egregiously fake ID. The details are as granular as the powder you buy in a stall with a crumpled five-dollar bill, but the sentiment is broad, warm, and inclusive, like the back-left corner of the pit (just watch ...Read more

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Amazing documentary! Highly recommend for any punk fans out there.

J. P.  avatar
J. P.

I sat behind Billy Joe at the world premier of "American Idiot" at Berkeley Rep Theater. 924 Gilman was/is the source of so much cultural and political change that I'm glad to say I live in Berkeley.

Anonymous picture

Reminds me a lot of "The Last Pogo" and my old Toronto scene. I always thought there were only 3 progenitors of the punk era. TO, NYC and London. Who knew.