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Tickling Giants
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Tickling Giants
Uniting Egypt through Laughter in Tumultuous Times

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Anonymous picture

It's hard to believe that 96.8% of Egyptians relish being too frightened to speak in other than glowing terms about their Benevolent Dictator in taxis & cafes for fear of arrest or disappearance. But. When the quintessential grope-y, scheming, morally/financially/intellectually bankrupt, ...Read more

Anonymous picture

For those of us who don't live in Egypt, it may be hard to understand just how difficult it is for Bassem to do what he does, this movie shines a light on how freedom of speech isn't as easy there as it is for most North Americans. Watch this and then appreciate the freedoms we do have and ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Sarcasm >enables free speech ^

Ariel avatar

Such a thought-provoking and eye opening documentary that is so relevant. Definitely makes you take a step back and appreciate the value of freedom of speech.

Tom avatar

A really interesting insight into the political situation in Egypt. A lot of parallels to the current situation in many other countries today that emphasizes the importance of a free media and vibrant freedom of speech. Very well made documentary. Bassem Yousef is incredibly funny. I would ...Read more

Christina avatar

The film is just as funny and charming as Bassem Youssef himself and is more relevant than ever to the culture and politics in the US.