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Tell No One
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Tell No One

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Comments (8)

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Great Movie

Anonymous picture

"Tell No One" starts off strong and features a thrilling, if implausible, chase sequence. Then it descends into a . . . lot . . . of . . . explaining. Capable, yes; Hitchcock, no.

Anonymous picture

The lead actor is the younger versionof Dustin Hoffman. Aside from that the movie stinks.

Anonymous picture

Twisty yet cliched. The leads are supposed to have grown up together yet look 20 years apart as adults.The story spans 8 years but no one ages. I didn't understand Kristin Scott-Thomas' role but adore her regardless.

Anonymous picture

Good actors, but scenario abracadabran!

Anonymous picture

Dr. Beck smokes and doesn't use his seat belt (neither does anyone else); is this a satire of the French? (At least he keeps his dog on a leash) And the non-diegetic music! Gratuitous and extremely annoying. I'm listening with the sound off. Thirty-seven minutes in and I'm ready to ditch it.

Anonymous picture

good story and good acting!

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Excellent movie!!!!