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13 episodes in this series

Episode 1 Home Town
Tate returns to his home town to help an old friend, the town's aging marshal, guard a prisoner from a mob that wants to free him from being hanged.
Episode 2 Stopover
Tate rides into town with the body of a wanted outlaw he's just killed, and presents it to the sheriff to collect the bounty. The sheriff sends Tate to the…
Episode 3 The Bounty Hunter
Robert Culp plays a bounty hunter who is seeking Tate for a murder that he didn't commit.
Episode 4 The Mary Hardin Story
When Tetlow (Mort Mills) tries to take her property, Mary Hardin (Julie Adams) asks Tate for help.
Episode 5 Voices of the Town
Tate is riding along when he is shot at by someone running along a ridge with a rifle. Tate jumps of horse seeking cover and shooting back...
Episode 6 A Lethal Pride
Clay Barton (Ronald Nicholas) is riding along, stops his horse when he sees Carmela (Marianna Hill) swishing her feet around in a large puddle in the road...
Episode 7 Tigrero
Tate (David McLean) is looking for John Chess (Martin Landau). The show opens in a field with sheep and a herding dog...
Episode 8 Comanche Scalps
Tate tags along when grudge-holding Amos returns home to kill the little brother who wooed away and wed Amos' sweetheart during his long absence. Meanwhile, a marauding band of Comanches…
Episode 9 Before Sunup
Holed up in Doc's office is a wounded store keeper and the saloon girl who loves him. Clamoring outside are the town's murderous power broker and his henchmen. Standing in…
Episode 10 The Reckoning
The adventures of a one-armed gunfighter (he lost the use of an arm during the Civil War) in the Old West.
Episode 11 The Gunfighters
Tate takes on a train car full of fast guns when a simmering rancher vs. homesteader dispute escalates.
Episode 12 Quiet After the Storm
Tate tracks down a killer who gunned down a saloon girl. On the trail back to town, the girl's two brothers arrive seeking blood vengeance. Can Tate trust the residents…
Episode 13 The Return of Jessica Jackson
Shades of The Searchers as an obsessed man negotiates the release of his wife abducted eight years earlier by a Paiute raiding party. He did not anticipate her bringing home…