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A Tale Of Two Sisters
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A Tale Of Two Sisters
Janghwa, Hongryeon

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Comments (14)

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Z Elaine

This is a well-made movie. But it is a very cultural movie that most viewers will find it hard to relate or understand. For those who are familiar with the traditional Korean folktale of two sisters, Janghwa and Hongryun, on which this movie is based, they may find this adaption different, ...Read more

Graciela avatar

Atmospheric, great aesthetics but ultimately empty and pointless. It tries to be a ghost story, a family drama and an insight into a troubled mind but eventually fails in all of them. Too slow, incoherent, and with many plot holes. Definitely, not a good example of Asian cinema for me.

Stephen avatar

I loved this movie when I stumbled on it a few years back and after watching the American remake, I appreciate it even more. The atmosphere and build makes it that much more impactful than The Uninvited and sticks with you far longer.

Anonymous picture

I really like this movie, but its hard to enjoy with the bad quality!

Anonymous picture

Well acted and visually aesthetic but not one bit suspenseful / scary and the most incomprehensible film I have ever seen. Only the second Korean film I've seen, the first being a terrific adaptation of Dangerous Liaisons. This film is a distant second. Won the Sitges film festival? Well ...Read more

Anonymous picture

This movie introduced me to some of the most amazing Korean horror films I have ever seen and now that I have seen A LOT of them I still believe this is one of the best.

Anonymous picture

Same here. A Tale of Two Sisters and Oldboy were my gateway into South Korea's incredible stories and unique cinema.

Anonymous picture
Z Elaine

If A Tale of Two Sisters and Old Boy were your favourites, I recommend you try Lady Vengeance if you haven't yet.

Anonymous picture

Young Su-mi has issues with her wicked stepmother, or something. Uneven and jumbled plot. Beautiful cinematography. Two stars.

Lindsay avatar

A house is not a home, it's a structure. And the lush, ornately decorated house in TALE OF TWO SISTERS is a very haunted structure indeed. In this celebrated classic of contemporary Korean cinema (originally titled "Rose Flower, Red Lotus," in reference to a particularly gruesome Korean ...Read more

Anonymous picture

A very sad, thought provoking story. I still loved it a second time around.

Anonymous picture

The reoccuring music is incredibly beautiful and eerie and oh wow, what are people's thoughts? Might need to rewatch

Mary avatar

Anyone have an opinion, review?

Anonymous picture

seriously, i keep seeing you on all the good film threads. just had to say, PROPS! this is a good one.