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Sweet Country
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Sweet Country

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Comments (9)

Anonymous picture

Gr8 movie. Sad. I hope for mankind.

Anonymous picture

this movie was a waste of a credit

Anonymous picture

This film reminds me of an earlier Australian film called The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith (which was even more brutal than Sweet
Country, with one major difference- The Aboriginal feld and in this newer
film clearly killed a white man in self-defence, whereas the mixed breed ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Heartbreaking, beautifully shot film. Outstanding performances by the entire cast.

Saïd avatar

I want to cry, this was so beautiful. The ending was shattering, the composition was storming and the characters were all so interesting to follow. It's worth the time it asks of you, I promise

Susan avatar

Absolutely heart breaking, phenomenally beautiful film. A powerfully told, unbearable story of Australian history, racism, violence and stolen land. 10 stars.

Anonymous picture

This is a great film. A must-watch for anyone. Standing ovation.

Anonymous picture

Muy bien, un triste película pero genial todavía.

Anonymous picture

Very good.