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Designing Life. Man has been doing it for over 10,000 years. You may not be aware of it, but we are surrounded by "Superlife," life-forms manipulated by Man. Superlife looks at the stories of how these super organisms came to permeate our planet, and how the latest science is pushing the boundaries to create more with less time and resources and at a higher quality.

Superlife explores the science of how mankind is manipulating life for its benefit. The series does not attempt to address the concerns surrounding cloning, genetically modified organisms or the ethics of certain farming practices.

Titles Include:

  • Super Cow: The Belgian Blue- A testament to the potency of selective breeding
  • Super Corn: The King of Grains- Genetic engineering to reduce chemical use and increase yield
  • Super Egg Layer: White Leghorn- Molecular genetics team uses DNA tech to achieve uniform quality
  • Super Tuna: Cross-species Surrogacy- Interspecies cell implantation
  • Test-tube Burger: Cell Culture- Artificial culturing of stem cells into muscle cells
  • Super Bulldog: From Fearsome To Lovable- The evolution of eight centuries of breeding special traits
  • Super Tulip: Bewitching Enchantress- Cross pollination for shape and color
  • Clone Dog: Labrador Retriever- Cloning animals with exceptional capabilities
  • Super Silkworm: Insect Biotechnology- GMO produces human protein
  • Miniature Horse: A Dark Little Secret- Genetic testing to eliminate dwarfism
Running Time
82 mins
Nb videos
10 videos included