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Stride, Soviet!
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Stride, Soviet!
Part of the Series: Landmarks of Early Soviet Film

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Old and New
Sergei M. Eisenstein's last silent and seldom-seen attempt to bring visual poetry to the collectivization of agriculture. 100.000.000 peasants - illiterate, poor, hungry. There comes a day when one woman…
Stride, Soviet!
STRIDE, SOVIET! is a film intended to publicize, in the run-up to local elections, the work and accomplishments of the Moscow municipal council or "soviet." Dziga Vertov attempts a different…
TURKSIB set itself the modest goal of educating the Soviet public about the need for a railroad connecting Siberia and Turkestan. Although the film was released before construction of the…
Fall of the Romanov Dynasty
Esfir Shub culls her landmark documentary from pre-Soviet Russian newsreels gathered from Europe and America. In May 1913 the Romanov Dynasty celebrates its 300th anniversary at the Russian throne. The…
The House on Trubnaya Square
THE HOUSE ON TRUBNAYA was Boris Barnet's fourth production and a great hit with audiences. With its vibrant humor and a clever commentary on the historical moment, this film was…
The Extraordinary Adventures of Mr. West in the Land of the Bolsheviks
The film is a broad satire of American ignorance of the Soviet Union. The naive American, Mr. John West, played by Porfori Podobed as a Harold Lloyd type (complete with…
By the Law
"By the Law" is a melodrama that takes place in a remote area in the Yukon during the gold rush at the turn of the century. A group of five…
Salt for Svanetia
A 1930 Georgian silent documentary film directed by Mikhail Kalatozov. As one of the earliest ethnographic films, it documents the life of the Svan people in the isolated mountain village…