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The Staging Post
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The Staging Post
The Refugee Education Revolution

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Comments (5)

Anonymous picture

Such an important film and really inspiring as well.

Anonymous picture

Jolyon, I honestly can't thank you enough for the amount of work and effort that you have put in showcasing their lives. It is hard to live a refugee's life' yours and everyone else's support is what they need !

Anonymous picture

This is an amazing film, revealing the power of friendship, love, and education in a refugee community in Indonesia. It's an honest and uplifting film which proves that refugees are capable and part of the solution. Highly recommended for students, teachers and community workers.

Caroline avatar

This is such a brave, wise, moving and uplifting film, congratulations to all involved, I want to show it in my area and hopefully change some misconceptions about refugees.

Anonymous picture
Jolyon Hoff

Four years ago I was living in Jakarta when Australia re-instated the mandatory offshore detention for people arriving by boat. Refugees had been the biggest news story in Australia for over 15 years but I’d never met a refugee. I wanted to know more. Who were they? Where did they come from, ...Read more