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Soul Food Junkies
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Soul Food Junkies
A Film About Family, Food & Tradition

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Comments (6)

Anonymous picture

I have watched this documentary a few times. The filmmaker does an excellent job of showing that unhealthy eating is quite bad. He goes on to show that we can enjoy our favorite food in moderation and if it is prepared in a healthy way. A must watch for the African American community.

Anonymous picture

This was a great film. I like the fact that they introduced soul food, addressed the issues of food deserts in the black community, and brought solutions on making soul food healthier. Great film!

D.R. avatar

This was a memorable well edited documentary.

Anonymous picture

I will share with my family. Sometimes if media reiterates your point of view its better received.

Anonymous picture

Very informative. it wasn't boring as some documentaries ar.

Anonymous picture

This film really illustrates the issue of health versus tradition; soul food is deeply-rooted in African-American cultures and is a significant part of the culture, but when its effects can cause such serious health problems, giving it up becomes a difficult choice to make.