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The Secret of Kells
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The Secret of Kells

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Comments (8)

Anonymous picture

Disturbing caricature of the only black character in the animation brings up some questions as to why he was drawn soo differently and in a different style than the others. Particularly why does he have huge lips while none of the others don’t? Seems a bit blackface.

I really wish that ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Gorgeous and multi-layered animation!

Anonymous picture

Initially the animation threw me off but I was inevitably engaged into the childlike fantasy of the film, however the adult imagery helped me to think more levelly about the relevance of this film.

Anonymous picture

I like to watch this around St. Patrick's Day as a cultural touchstone. But I didn't realize until this year that Aidan reads part of the poem of Pangur Bán at the end credits.

Anonymous picture

Wonderful film. Just wonderful.

Anonymous picture

Great interpretation of the history of the origins of what some consider Ireland's greatest National Treasure. Good music and beautiful animation is the work of many dedicated artists From all over the world based on the credits.

Anonymous picture

One of the most beautiful films I have ever seen! I had to go visit the Book of Kells after seeing this film! The animation is pure art and joy.

Anonymous picture

I watched this film on Netflix about 3 years ago. I will never forget the story.