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Saturday Church
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Comments (9)

Tameca  avatar

I was so inspired by this film. The need for safe spaces is so apparent. I hope more of them crop up, and perhaps more of them will also inspire such films so that more folx can become aware of both the need, and also the beauty in folx just livin' who they are. The fan! --> <3 <3 ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Good movie. You can feel the pain that Ulysses does as he is made fun of and not accepted as he is.

Anonymous picture

Its a bit heavy handed in moments but heart felt and sincere. A little Paris is Burning, a little Gunhill Road, a little Pariah this is a segment of the LGBTQ population that takes the brunt of the bias and narrow-mindedness that many people aim at anyone not "heteronormative." The ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Inspired by the West Village's St Luke in the Field's outreach program for disadvantaged LGBTQ+ youth which is an incredible program - great acting, amazing story - must see!

DIVA avatar

Great movie and ending. :-)

Anonymous picture


Anonymous picture

Brave & Bravo!

Anonymous picture

Amazing film. A story that needs to be told. Great casting and acting. Great cinematography.

Allen avatar

A sweet and talented take on coming out in New York. Where so many of us found peril and love.