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Pink Saris
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Pink Saris
Female Political Activists in India

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Comments (3)

Anonymous picture

I couldn't continue with this documentary. Seems to be all for show. The lady is loud without real solutions. The girls leave because they are being violated by their in-law so why force them back to their cages? There is no real solution to the problem. Where is the place where these girls ...Read more

Anonymous picture
Kim Longinotto

I wanted to make a film about Sampat Pal because I was very intrigued by how someone with such a difficult beginning in life could have the strength and self-confidence to feel she could fight back and do this important but difficult work. It was fascinating for me to see her character and ...Read more

Anonymous picture

The emotional weight of Kim Longinotto's Pink Saris is devastating, one that carefully and constantly builds throughout the film, placing audiences in intimate observer positions of protagonist Sampat Pal’s everyday battle for Indian women and girls. Pal, who seems to emanate strength and ...Read more