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Pelle the Conqueror
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Pelle the Conqueror
Pelle erobreren

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Comments (11)

Anonymous picture

great story. sad that father and son split up yet this is part of growing up and having the conviction to follow / take a chance on achieving your own dreams for your life

Anonymous picture

Five stars!!!

Anonymous picture

Masterpiece: The story is compelling, cinematography breathtaking, and the actors are channeling the immigrant experience with such authenticity it feels like a historical "slice of life."

Anonymous picture

I missed this in '87 when it was released. I think I appreciated it much more than I could have when I was younger. The acting from von Sydow and the boy is top notch. The cinematography, the landscape, the setting, all so realistically and beautifully done. I finally have a clear ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Wow, this was a very heavy film. Who knew that Denmark and Sweden used to be so crappy? Jokes aside, Pelle the Conqueror accurately portrays the harsh realities of European immigration in the mid-nineteenth century (and perhaps even the current realities of immigration in the twenty-first ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Sad. Things have not changed very much. Always there is opportunity to exploit and abuse the one who is in a weaker position, then cruelty shows up. And the abuse is commited happily through the hands of those who in principle share the same vulnerability as the actual victims.

Anonymous picture

My grandfather came alone to America from Sweden when he was a young man. Beautiful story.

Anonymous picture

I realy enjoyed it.

Anonymous picture

Gives a good sense of what life was like when there was an abundance of work and a willingness to work was all that was necessary to survive.

Anonymous picture

One of the best films of all time.

Anonymous picture

Totally agreed. Brought me so many thoughts on first American immigrants.