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Paris When It Sizzles
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Paris When It Sizzles

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Comments (9)

Anonymous picture

The plot's ridiculous and has issues that are unromantic in reality ( like alcoholism and being hit on by your boss) but eye candy-Paris, fashion,hotel suite, fringed bikini in the beginning, of course Hepburn. Old- Hollywood sexual tension. Tony Curtis role so good. Fun.

Anonymous picture

Paris continues to dazzle throughout. Those fountains! Those statues! On screen chemistry of Holden & Hepburn worked for me.

Anonymous picture

Horribly annoying play about a washed-up writer trying to make love to a young lady. Of course he doesn't realize it at first!!!! Because he is so wrapped up in his career!!!
Just awful.

I admire the actors, but this play is pathetic.
I wish I hadn't wasted one of my five ...Read more

Anonymous picture
Steven W.

Holden seems an odd choice for this--there are some charming and funny moments, but ultimately it falls apart towards the end. Perhaps the original French version is better?

Anonymous picture

Plot was annoying but Audrey is an absolute joy to watch. Holden was still in good shape although the alcohol was starting to show. A piece of fluff now and then is good for the soul.

Anonymous picture

slightly silly, but totally charming.

John avatar

not a great movie but I guess it was never supposed to be. However; Audrey is mesmerizing as always.

Anonymous picture

Wanted to love it, but nope...

Anonymous picture

Quit after 50 minutes....