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OUT in the Lineup
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OUT in the Lineup
Uncovering the Taboo of Homosexuality in Surfing

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Comments (4)

Anonymous picture

Really moving story. Plus, lovely to look at (and not just the men and women).

Anonymous picture

Picking up on the basic themes - the need for public identification and organization within (and without; sponsors and one surfing association especially) - OUT almost explains my queer (and straight) friends' affinity for it. But it's like any passion - either you share it and *get* it or ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I enjoyed watching this documentary. As a gay man, I was drawn into witnessing other gay/lesbian people's struggle for broader social acceptance as well as personal self-acceptance. The people in this documentary are essentially positive and charismatic role models for what is possible.

Anonymous picture

OUT in the Line-up tells the compelling story of the founder of as he teams up with a former Australian state champion to travel around the world surfing and exploring the cover-up of homosexuality in surf culture.

As a distributor of this film, we always like to share ...Read more