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Orgasm Inc.
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Orgasm Inc.
The Strange Science of Female Pleasure

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Comments (8)

Anonymous picture

This was not what I was expecting when I decided to watch the film. Very impressive is the completely honest accounts she got out of people - even those with dubious grounds to stand on, or how the facial expression of those involved in "promoting" a product very clearly shows that they did ...Read more

Anonymous picture

A good storyline and approach to the subject, Agree that talking of female sexual dysfunction makes no sense and exposing this as a pharma ploy adds value to our society. However, the film now feels dated and the production quality could use a bit of renovation. I hope the creators make an ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I am seriously going to make this required viewing for my students. It is amazing that the orgasmatron doctor is able to do what he does! And he says, at first, he hopes to make money and then that he is testing his tool on this woman who sounds like she'd been religiously traumatized about ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Pharmaceutical industry manufactures a "disease"
so they can market their "cure". Good film, thought provoking.

Robert avatar

Watching this makes me feel how simple minded I really am

Anonymous picture

My inclination was that perhaps men for the most part, aren't putting in the effort to satisfy women enough.

Athan avatar

Every Women and every human being is looking for different things in sexual encounters.. Sex is complex because people are complex. To oversimplify and say men are the problem or just one thing is the problem for all women everywhere, is a dangerous concept. This film does a good job being ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Funny and informative. It really surprised us that these drug companies let Canner film all of these insider events/interviews, because it was really easy to see that the interviewees were struggling to "tow the company line" with a straight face. Would've loved to hear more from Leonore ...Read more