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Not Just a Paycheck
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Not Just a Paycheck
Part of the Series: Unnatural Causes

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Not Just a Paycheck
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Comments (48)

Anonymous picture

This video pointed out a lot of important points. Not only does loosing a job make someone stress about money but being stressed causes other health issues. The U.S could do more to help people that loose their job, but that would take a lot of work and passing of laws or acts to achieve ...Read more

Anonymous picture

It was very interesting to me to see the impact that the closing had on the health of the people in the community. I knew that income indirectly impacted health, but the impact is much bigger than I originally thought. The loss of a job or income causes stress and anxiety, which causes pains, ...Read more

Anonymous picture

There are many barriers that affect a companies success, putting extreme responsibility on the administration to reach the companies highest potential benefit. This is also a personal matter because some decisions made by companies may benefit the company but disadvantage the employee. The ...Read more

Anonymous picture

European countries take better care of their citizens through higher taxes because of the government and country act as a collective organization versus individualistic. Factory work in America is slowly dying with more emphasis on college education for the newer generations. I wish America ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I also understand the hardships of losing a job, and the impact of job losses on families. It is very sad to see how these people worked for their future, and now have no future. When these people lose their jobs, they experience a significant increase in stress which leads to more disease ...Read more

Anonymous picture

The impact of job loss is astounding and sadly many companies have moved their factories elsewhere leaving many without jobs. The United States should help the people who lose their jobs so that they don't suffer with depression and other serious health issues.

Anonymous picture

I understand the hardships of losing a job and trying to make ends meet. I believe that a country should help its citizens-to an extent. Even after watching this video I still think that people ultimately have the opportunity to make certain choices to improve their situations.

Anonymous picture

I was not surprised by the impact of job loss of the families in Michigan, but I was very surprised with the vast difference in the impact it had with families in Sweden - who still had an income and healthcare benefits, and did not have to struggle too much until they found their next job. I ...Read more

Anonymous picture

It is sad to think of all of these people who are not without work. Like the man said in the video, they worked for the future, and now there is no future.

Anonymous picture

with so many people living paycheck to paycheck and a very tight budget the loss of a job may be one of the worst things that can happen to a family. This is a huge stress factor and we already know the consequences that stress can have on one's health.

Anonymous picture

The loss of jobs can create high amounts of stress which can in turn lead to higher rates of disease. Losing a job leaves people without a source of income, stress about how to find a new job, and a sense of hopelessness. The increase in disease after the loss of a job is not surprising but ...Read more

Anonymous picture

It is no surprise to me that the stress from being laid off can cause many health problems. If stress is not managed it can begin to make a huge difference in both physical and emotional health. It also makes since because if you are laid off a lot of people will make less and their ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Being laid off from work brings a great deal of stress to an individual that they would otherwise not go through. This stress effects the body and can cause them to lean on other things such as drinking since they do not have work anymore. In Sweden, they get more support from their ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I have always viewed the financial burden of being laid off, but never thought about how it also ties with poor deterioting health. It would make sense though because socioeconomic status and health tend to go hand in hand.

Anonymous picture

No one really thinks about how bad stress really is for your body, until something happens to them that involves the stress in their lives. Stress can get so bad that it can cause illnesses that could lead to unemployment, which could lead to more stress in their lives.

Anonymous picture

Going through the high risk illnesses that those with unemployment could obtain are expected, but it just validates the fact that we do need more job opportunities here in America so we can see a healthier country.

Anonymous picture

The topic of companies laying off workers and moving to Mexico has become front and center through this political season. The video gave specific dollar figures about how much the employees cost to hire here and how much they cost in Mexico--I thought that was very interesting. It is a ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I feel like there should be more a company could do for laying off a bulk of employees. While unemployment is provided it can only get people so far. For people who have dedicated the majority of their life to a particular company (like the ones in this video) may not have what it takes now ...Read more

Anonymous picture

At this point I am not surprised that losing a job results in stress, thus decline in health. Stress can do so many bad things to the human body.

Anonymous picture

I found it interesting that they compared what happened in Michigan to what happened in Sweden. It is interesting to see in Sweden that they aren't worried about money when they get laid off because of the government policies that they have in place. The company even put money back into the ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I found the individualist society an interesting take on our society that I haven't thought of previously. Individually our laws hold us accountable, individually it is up to us to create a better life. But a lot of the times the individual cannot help the circumstance they are in and then it ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Once again, I found it interesting the affect that chronic stress can have on an individual. Other than the financial burden from losing a job, the stressors that come result from losing the play a larger role on health than I would have ever guessed.

Anonymous picture

This video shows that not only does losing a job greatly affect your finances, but also your health. The stress and health problems that come with losing a job are seen by many which is very upsetting.

Anonymous picture

I truly had no idea the effect of shutting down a company could have on a community. It makes perfect sense to me though and is so interesting. I had never thought that losing a job could lead to such drastic illnesses like depression, suicide, and homocide. I feel naive for not ever thinking ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Wow, I couldn't believe the contrast at the end of the same thing happening with the same company in Sweden vs Michigan. I really wish America would adopt similar policies. This out for self mentality is destroying us.
Also, just seeing the connection of chronic stress on the body is ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Losing a job is definitely one of the biggest stressors we as individuals may have to go through. I wasn't surprised at all to see the health complications that arise when an individual is under stress.

Anonymous picture

I learned a lot from these videos.

Anonymous picture

Stress is a huge part of health, and i think every college student understands that. trying to work and go to school can be extremely stressful and personally I always get sick when I am the most stressed out. I cannot imagine losing my lob. that has to be a terribly hard thing for anyone and ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Stress most definitely plays a role in one's health. Losing a job and not being able to provide for yourself or your family is beyond stressful and takes a toll on one's health physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. One of the women who's husband lost her job mentioned how her ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Losing a job is terrible for anyone. I have witnessed this first hand with my dad when he lost his job. His health started to deteriorate because he was always stressed out and it was just a big shock to him mentally. Its hard to see people go through this.

Anonymous picture

This video shows many ways people deal with job loses due to factors that they could not control. It is sad that we send US jobs to lower economically stable countries due to the lower wages we can pay workers. It is unfair and should have want Americans to have jobs rather than worrying all ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Losing a job has never been an easy challenge for anyone I've known to face this. A job gives people their sense of belonging and worth in the world. Losing it piles on the stress they already experience on a day to day basis. The title was rightfully chosen. It is a sad reality.

Anonymous picture

This video might be the only one that i am not surprised from because i can relate to it and many other people as well. losing a job is not as simple as it sounds. In fact, people suffer so much and their family suffer as well. Unemployment can cause many to become homeless that will cause ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I really enjoyed watching this video because I can relate to the emotional aspect of it. When I was younger, my dad was laid off from a job for the same situation in this particular segment. It is extremely difficult to have to adjust to one income instead of two until another job offer comes ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Involuntary job loss is a serious situation and affects not only the worker who is losing their job but the family they might have who depends on them. Having that paycheck takes care of their entire family which feeds them, puts clothes on their back, and a shelter over their head. The loss ...Read more

Anonymous picture

This episode really hit home for me. My dad has been laid off from so many different positions and companies in the Midwest due to bankruptcy or relocation, so I have witnessed the toll it takes on a person as well as a family. At least in Sweden they give money back to the community to help ...Read more

Anonymous picture

It is hard to hear about not only the misfortunes of others in this video, but also in the rest of this series. This video strikes closer to home since I know my parents had to find new jobs because of the recession. A job really is more than a paycheck. It gives you a sense of worth and ...Read more

Anonymous picture

This episode was enlightening in that Americans are typically depressed, anxious, stressed and therefore medicated. These factors also contribute to self medicating, raising the rates of alcohol, drug use and stress eating. When this begins to happen, less production is exerted, creating a ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I'm shocked at the pay differences when it came to Americans compared to Hispanics! And then, the factory moves to save even more money. Completely ridiculous, people relied on these jobs to care for their families and now they are left with nothing. this issue will effect these people in ...Read more

Anonymous picture

A very sad video to watch. Because of little to no job security, people are going to suffer from problems like depression, suicidal ideas, and many more severe health problems. I was very sad to see the people in this situation in Michigan and hope that it doesn't remain the same.

Anonymous picture

The increase in heart diseases and mortality rates after the closure of Electrolux Corporation fits since those individuals lead a more stressful life. The higher levels of cortisol in individuals have been linked to increased blood pressure and other health factors. These stories are tragic ...Read more

Anonymous picture

The title "not just a paycheck" really does fit this situation. The less security people have in a job, the less security they have in living situations and access to healthcare. Not having a secure job can cause a lot of stress causing many health problems.

Anonymous picture

The employees of now relocated Electrolux Plant are another example of the extreme conditions in which chronic stress impacts on the physiological make-up on the human body. Employment is more than just a paycheck, it is the livelihood of an individual, or a family, who are dependent on just ...Read more

Anonymous picture

The people of Michigan who worked for the now relocated Electrolux plant are currently facing the health conditions they are (depression, alcoholism) because of our nation's poor job relocation, lack of unemployment benefits, and unsteady healthcare system. Its always sad when a large ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Job insecurity can have a negative effect on health! I see this a lot with my work compensation patients! The more they realize they do not have a secure job, the more depressed and sick they become. Stress is in over drive for them!

Anonymous picture

Sweden teaches us what we can do to protect the health and wealth of the US. Polices can be put in place to protect people and close the gap. Leaving people to "fend for themselves" causes unfair poverty and in turn, poor health. The fact of the matter is, it is not an individual's fault at ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I am currently in a course learning about stress, and it really can cause actual health outcomes and make a person more sick.

Anonymous picture

Excess death is an interesting and horrible consequence of neglected and poor areas. Especially, when the neglection is due to the closing and lay-off of thousands of employees. It was stated that the excess death increased by 134 from the last 10 years after the Greenville lay-off. It was ...Read more