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North Face
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North Face

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Comments (7)

Anonymous picture

This was a great film to watch, and the mountain climbing scenes were exciting to see.

Anonymous picture

Courageous Luise and the mountaineers portrayed incredible humanity, and perseverance in the face of unfathomable adversity.

Julie avatar

amazing and awe-inspiring photography

Anonymous picture

Great movie that goes far beyond the topic of mountaineering. Very sensible, reflecting way to deal with the historic background of the movie. Must-watch!

Anonymous picture

Watched again after several years, still moved by the love and courage of the mountainiers and the lady. highly recommended!!

Anonymous picture

incredibly intense and harrowing. amazing photography and climbing sequences. some of the non-climbing story lines were a bit heavy handed and distracting.

Anonymous picture

Beautifully made film, very realistic feel to it. I shivered through all the climbing scenes. The Eiger gets top billing, but Johanna Wokalek is the true star. What a marvelous, quietly expressive face! Must see more of her.