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Comments (12)

Anonymous picture

A lovely and unusual film. Beautiful in every aspect: screenplay, music, visuals, acting.

Mei Mei avatar
Mei Mei

I found the meta elements in the script fun. And Gael Garcia Bernal's performance was good. His eyes were so pretty and sad. Poor Oscar, looking for Neruda, looking for his father, looking for himself. The lighting was very pretty as well.
I had no idea of Neruda's role in communist ...Read more

Anonymous picture

linda pelicula con partes de su poesia.

Anonymous picture

Silvia was my favorite character.

Anonymous picture

Lovely. beautifully paced. dreamy.

Anonymous picture

Excellent movie, I felt like listening to a story rather than watching a movie purely for entertainment.

Anonymous picture

I enjoyed this film especially the unexpected ending

Anonymous picture

Oh La La: Magnifiq, Excelente, que pelicula tan genuina, hermosa, historica; de hechos verdaderos, los escenarios, los actores, la musica, y lo que se aprende de ella, parte de la historia de Neruda y los que creyeron en el , como su amigo Picasso. 10 1/2 stars.

Anonymous picture

unfamiliar with historic events--as a movie I found it strained and wanting

Anonymous picture

Great movie! It's a great opportunity to have this movie here!

Anonymous picture

<3 Spectacular film. Bravisimo. Highly recommended.

Anonymous picture

Wow, even in reading subtitles, the film is quite powerful.