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An Intimate Look at the World's Busiest Maternity Hospital

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When this film was shown in the art houses in NYC, the reviews were odd. Many found it fascinatingly rich; other critics were negative toward the film. I'm just baffled by that. I guess I'll have to go back and read the negative reviews to try to understand the criticism.

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Amazed by the strength of these women, and heartbroken at the same time. Great documentary!

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I hope they show this film in every sexual education class in high school. Not only does the film reveal the stark reality of child birth but the consequences of it. Women's health is first; women's life is first. Every woman and man should watch this film before dreaming of their future ...Read more

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A thought provoking and visceral film.

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Great documentary - really engaging and eye-opening.

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I gave this five stars as I was completely hooked on this doc. I kept forgetting this was real life for many poor Filipino women giving birth - at times it felt like a dark comedy. I mean, how can hundreds of women and newborn babies all co-habit in a large room without some sort of social ...Read more