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Morris from America
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Morris from America

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Comments (7)

Chad avatar

Very proud to have this on here. Thanks for watching everyone!

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Minami avatar

Definitely not a perspective you see very often! Sweet film.

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This is good but definitely not a comedy.

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Ignore the race issue. It's a middle class white perspective. Didn't have to happen in Germany. It's as American as apple pie.

Frank Sherman avatar
Frank Sherman

I COMPLETLEY disagree with you here. Didn't think this was a problem in the movie AT ALL. I didn't serve myself but when I talk with my friends who did. I just think that THIS is not the movie for them. Scotty who watched it was telling me.

Anonymous picture

This film went disappointingly downhill after the opening scene, which is sweet and funny and full of potential. It feels lacking in dimension - I don't think the director knows any 13 year-old black boys in real life. It's not terrible, there are some nice moments and good performances, ...Read more