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The Monster
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The Monster

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Comments (7)

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I feel like the kid is way too dumb for her age

Anonymous picture

Kazan and Ballentine did a very good job, I thought, bringing life to a thin, clichéd plot. I wasn't expecting Citizen Kane.

Anonymous picture


Alcoholic mom
battles a flammable beast
and ill-timed flashbacks.

Anonymous picture

OK, but 13 year old daughter is played as a much younger child, which is hardly believeable, and her turnabout from cowering, childlike waif who won't leave mama, to fight off the thing super girl, didn't ring true. Same can be said for the deadbeat mom who suddenly rallies to save her ...Read more

Anonymous picture

What would have made this a really good movie was if the "monster" had been a metaphor for the mother, and the brief scene with the knife had foreshadowed the death by the daughter, with the rest being a traumatic hallucination in her mind. still, great acting.

Anonymous picture

I was thinking something similar. The monster definitely should have been a metaphor.

Anonymous picture

Uh, it wasn't...?