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Anonymous picture

Certainly more “heartwarming” than “fascinating.”

Susan avatar

A touching and simple film about father and son trapped in the ancient structures of a religion that both binds and also separates family, community and lives. The absence of women, heightened by the death of Reivin's mother, the ugly face of sexism and patriarchy, and the excruciating laws ...Read more

Anonymous picture

A glimpse into an isolated world where religion provides both solace and pain. And a reminder that some human emotions transcend all religions and races. Very well done film.

Christian avatar

Deep movie !

Anonymous picture

Las ensenanzas rabinicas a las que se referia nuestro mesias, le dan cargas a la torah que esta no tiene. Claro que si el Eterno dice que no es bueno que el hombre este solo, es porque es asi. Pero de alli a quitarle al padre el derecho de vivir con su propio hijo, es algo que va en contra ...Read more