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The Life and Career of Fashion Designer Alexander McQueen

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Comments (6)

Linda avatar

My being; my essence; my radiance are docked at my mother's soul.

Anonymous picture

A deserving homage to the artistic, designing, storytelling, staging, genius of Alexander McQueen. A life story whose tragic ending we are aware of- and wish we could change. A well conceived documentary.

Anonymous picture

Amazing designer. Horrid soundtrack - couldn't watch with the sound on due to the incessant piano pounding.

Anonymous picture

Beautiful yet tragic documentary. A legend for sure.

Anonymous picture

Terrific immersion in the passion and the anxiety of a genuinely original human. The white-hot flame of that life was amazing, and it seems inevitable what the outcome would be now. I don't follow fashion at all, but you don't need to. It transcends that.

Anonymous picture

Very good documentary! Beautiful, yet tortured and tragic story of Alexander McQueen! One of my favorites next to Mister Rogers' powerful Won't You Be My Neighbor?