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Mayan Renaissance
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Mayan Renaissance

'Mayan Renaissance' is a feature length film which documents the glory of the ancient Mayan civilization, the Spanish conquest in 1519, five hundred years of oppression, and the courageous fight of the Maya to reclaim their voice and determine their own future, in Guatemala and throughout Central America. This elegant, beautiful, and thought provoking film shares their vision for the future, their call for a long-foretold renaissance of Mayan culture and wisdom, and their 100 year plan to lead humanity forward, from the year 2012 on.

'Mayan Renaissance' tells four thousand years of Mayan history, from the Mayan point of view. This is a story that has never been told. Human rights activist and Mayan leader Rigoberta Menchu, who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1992, is featured in this film. Mayan scholars and elders Faviana Cochoy Alva and Pedro Yac Noj and Mayan activist Rosalina Tuyuc are also highlighted. All of the images, voices, expert commentary and music in the film come directly from Central America, from the heart of the Mayan world.

'Mayan Renaissance' answers the following questions: Who were the ancient Maya? What wisdom do their descendants have to share with us today? Is a Mayan Renaissance really possible? And if so, what would this mean for the Maya, for Latin America, and for the entire world? This 68 minute documentary film is about endurance, resilience, and hope. The history of the Mayan people is a story that is beautiful, tragic, and ultimately, inspirational. 'Mayan Renaissance' takes us on a journey throughout time, and it introduces us to a creative Mayan vision for the future of the Mayan nation, and for all of humanity.

Best Colorado Filmmaker Documentary at The Film Festival of Colorado - July 2012

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I made this film because 1992 Nobel Peace laureate, Rigoberta Menchu and other Maya leaders were concerned about all of the misinformation surrounding the year 2012 and Maya history. This is the first film to tell the history of the Maya people from the Maya point of view, and we worked very ...Read more

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Thank you Dawn, it is a beautiful piece of work.