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Matt Shepard is a Friend of Mine
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Matt Shepard is a Friend of Mine

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Comments (9)

Anonymous picture

On this #Pride Week in Toronto I am so touched by this film to enlighten me about Matt Shepherd's life and loving family and friends. A gentle soul with a big heart. We need more parents like Judy and Dennis in the world. Bravo filmmakers!

Anonymous picture

While I did find the film touching, I felt like details were missing from the narrative that needed to be included. For example, the media's portrayal and response largely determined people's perception of the event. I still am left wondering if a intersectional approach was to be used, while ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Sorry Jo, but I just can't agree with you. After viewing the movie, I find it a sensitve well made portrayal of this horrific story of discrimination, bigotry and abuse. It doesn't pretend to set out his life in intmate detail, none of which is really our business anyway, and it is how I ...Read more

Lauren avatar

Congratulations to the team behind Matt Sheppard is a Friend of Mine for winning a Creative Arts Daytime Emmy Award for special-class special!

Frank Sherman avatar
Frank Sherman

Lauren, I VERY MUCH LIKE what you said here.

Liam avatar

It has been my distinct honor and privilege to assist in the making and sharing of Matt Shepard is a Friend of Mine. Michele Josue's film is stunning in so many ways, but for me it is her sensitivity, balance and restraint in telling such a personal and important story that is most striking. ...Read more

Lauren avatar

Today would have been Matt Shepard's 39th Birthday. Please consider honoring his memory by learning about his important story.

Anonymous picture

I have taken a day to think about my response to this film. The last 60mins of the film was some of the most gripping, compelling and emotional cinema I've seen in a while. I am left feeling angry and sad but at the same time, filled with hope for the future. Matt Shepard's mother is an ...Read more

Michele avatar

17 years ago this month, we lost Matt Shepard, an extraordinary friend, brother, and son, to an act of brutal, senseless violence. During this time, we choose to reflect upon Matt's life and legacy of inspiring countless people around the world to live authentically with love, compassion, and ...Read more