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The Man in the White Suit
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The Man in the White Suit

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Comments (7)

Anonymous picture

This movie kinda sums up the relationship between capital and science in our overproduction society. In order to dismiss the essencial capitalist contradiction (rationalisation of the production system vs. the sale of labor force as the only source of income), the system pushes the constant ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Great music, sound of the white goop is hilarious. Commentary on how large industries can't keep up with what they're doing internally. And how an unknown genius creates a revolutionary product whose revolution would ruin the "fabric" of industry and society. Beautiful cinematography. Driest ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Didn't enjoy this as much as I thought I would. Didn't find it terribly funny or insightful.

John avatar

excellent commentary on capitalism and labor. Alec Guinness is fantastic. Great photography, too.

Anonymous picture

remarkable movie. a triangulation of capital, labor, and the cult of the individual.

Anonymous picture

Alec Guinness is a gem. His versatility and passion for the craft of acting made this movie entertaining.

Anonymous picture

This was the first film that I ever saw Alec Guinness in, at least that I recognized him in. He was a master of disguise when playing characters. Discovered it years ago on PBS while playing a week of his films. Been a fan of his work and films ever since. Loved him and his slight expressions ...Read more