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Maison Close: Season 1

Maison Close: Season 1
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Maison Close - Episode One
Paris, 1871. Vera, the star attraction of the The Paradise luxury brothel, is about to finally leave the institution to become the live-in mistress of the Baron Du Plessis. However,…
Maison Close - Episode Two
Forced into service at The Paradise, Rose manages to escape before being tracked down by the police. After one of the girls is assaulted, Vera organizes a strike in protest,…
Maison Close - Episode Three
Hortense's detestable brother Pierre, recently arrived in France, quickly resolves the strike organized by the ladies of The Paradise. But the calm in the storm is only temporary. Now back…
Maison Close - Episode Four
Hortense must defend against the machinations of Pierre, who wants to leverage the Paradise for his own gains. A police investigation is launched in response to Vera's claims and two…
Maison Close - Episode Five
Pierre continues to use The Paradise to serve his own purposes, inviting many wealthy clients on his own accord. Hortense is furious and attempts to spite him by keeping the…
Maison Close - Episode Six
Angele's fiancee, Brise Caboche, is desperate to obtain her freedom and blackmails Hortense, who has no choice but to ask her brother for money. However, he is not immediately willing…
Maison Close - Episode Seven
Hortense wants to terminate Angele's pregnancy, but the other women band together to allow her to keep the baby. Believing her mother to have died at The Paradise, Rose seduces…
Maison Close - Episode Eight
Pierre will stop at nothing to save himself and begins to entertain the most outrageous customer requests. Hortense mounts a strong opposition, aided by Vera and Rose. Along the way,…

Comments (4)

Anonymous picture

Loved it. Yes, its dark and twisted..just the way I like it.

Anonymous picture

Spectacular series! Production & storylines are both very sophisticated & original. Acting is phenomenal. Un coup de coeur!

Anonymous picture

What a repellent and depressing series. One episode is enough. Life is too short to spend it watching gratuitous cruelty and sadism.

Simon avatar

I binge-watched Season 1 these past few days... The performance of the actors and costumes/decors are really great! If you can look past a few plot holes and a general slow pace, you'll like it. It can be hard to watch the daily life of these poor women though, stuck in this Parisian brothel ...Read more