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Made in China
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Made in China
Migrants in Rural China

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Anonymous picture

Have been reading about couples traveling to China to adopt children. They stay at Western-syle hotels and generally see the glossy side of the new China. They are appalled when in passing they glimpse the poverty of the old China...what will become of the children left behind in the ...Read more

Janice avatar

Beginning statement in film - Westerners came to China for what THEY wanted, but did not care what China wanted. Film opens understanding to Chinese values and thought. If west and China are to forge cooperative relationship both sides need to understand the needs of the other and want the ...Read more

Anonymous picture

As Westerners we are able to spend time in China and are usually overly impressed by the history and modernization. This film is truly significant by the way in which it shows the pain and poverty of the migrant peasant. The million children without parents, those as young as 5 and 6 years ...Read more