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Madame Tutli Putli
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Madame Tutli Putli

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Comments (14)

Anonymous picture

Very haunting! I would have to agree with Ann that I believe it was a depiction of death. With the loss of all of her worldly possessions, she is left running away from the inevitable only to be comforted by reaching it. I think it is a wonderful film to watch and pick apart with a friend, ...Read more

Ann avatar

Splendid depiction of death.

Anonymous picture

Very well made! Her expressive eyes are unbelievable realistic for a puppet!? And filled with metaphors... some of which I'm still trying to sort... Annoyingly dubious at the end.

Anonymous picture

Watching it alone at home late at night.... super scary.. would love to watch it again during the day with friends >v<

Betty avatar

beautifully crafted & thought provoking.

Lauren avatar

One of the most beautifully animated films I've ever seen. The eyes are especially outstanding.

Anonymous picture

What are we without our possessions, without even our bodies to rely on? Are we our physical beings or is there more? I watched this twice and could watch it again, and again. Beautifully animated and thought provoking. The skeletal body snatchers seem to symbolize disease, like a runaway ...Read more

Minami avatar

Beautiful - loved the background music as well

Anonymous picture

This is the kind of movie you are going to want to watch with a friend, so you can talk about it afterwards. In tone and mood, it's a little bit like something out of The Twilight Zone. Beautiful imagery, very dreamlike.

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Anonymous picture

Brilliant and disturbing. Unbelievable animation. A frightened Madame Tutli-Putli clings to her possessions and is scared of life. She is transformed by watching the moth and discovering that she is more alive than she has ever been when she discards all the objects that were weighing her ...Read more

Shay avatar

Dark and beautiful. A visually striking little film with imagery that stays with you. Incredible stop action animation. And those eyes... haunting.

Anna avatar

Incredibly more thrilling than expected. Who knew such a pesky, little insect could carry such significance in one's life? Very beautiful, breath-taking animation. Definitely worth a watch!

Dylan avatar

Wow! What a strange and delightful, curious and creative animated short film. What is it about? Transformation? Death? Possessions? Travel? I look forward to hearing others comment, but I believe it is about Death myself, but along the way it is an adventure, as life should be, and simply ...Read more