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Logan Lucky
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Anonymous picture

I liked this movie. Lots of funny moments if you're paying attention. I found myself grinning ;)

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I love Kanopy

Anonymous picture

Very good. Liked the unusual characters with real people traits. Ya gotta watch it. a real twister plot

Anonymous picture

Surprised by this little gem. A bank heist movie with little violence, explosions or car chases that runs on its colorful cast of characters and their interplay. Poor Daniel Craig, he just can't do a Southern accent, but that's also part of the fun!

Anonymous picture

Fantastic fun!!! Pure escapism. Wish there were more movies like this on Kanopy. Don't need so many melodramatic movies here. How about it?

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Anonymous picture

Writer rebecca blunt's underdog robin hoods pull it off. super infrastructure and backstory .Cliffhanger yet little violence -a sock in the nose to the jerk. Excellent, tight. I want more like this! More enjoyable than "a simple plan" where everything messes up and lotsa guns. Wierd ...Read more

Anonymous picture

This movie was so funny and I loved the accents and deadpan humor. I am glad to see this on kanopy so I can watch it again!

Anonymous picture

Ha! A really fun, fast-paced flick, right down to the final credit about 'no one was robbed'. Great Southern accents. Lots of sly humor. In the whole movie, I saw only three 'wait a minute's: his injured leg COULD have just occurred, and COULD have been just a temporary problem; when Bang ...Read more