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Living in the Future's Past
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Living in the Future's Past
What Kind of Future Would You Like to See?

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Comments (9)

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Nice Doc - We are either part of the solution or the pollution - the choice is ours. God bless this mess.

Anonymous picture

Organisms that worried about 50 years from now will be overtaken by organisms that worry about 5 minutes from now

Ice caps are disappearing at the rate of 300 cubic km per year

the pace of this climate change is what separates this one from those in the past: what occurred over ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Great move with amazingly done graphics. The message comes across straighforward and relevant. 4/5 Stars. Would definitly recommend for everyone with a critical mind and constructive view on the current system.

Anonymous picture

What a remarkable end speech by JB. After seeing what we have created and realizing the work ahead - we are asked, personally to do something to create a future we want. it's the way he says it - not a guilt trip or " were all gonna die" if you don't do something speech....just asking ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Do not thwart innovation.

Anonymous picture

Very good and thought provoking film.

The world is in need of gender parity and "doughnut economics."

Patriarchy, capitalism, and fossil fuels are unsustainable.

To claim that humanity cannot abandon the lifestyle it has built on fossil fuels is not true.

We have ...Read more

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Love and Scientific study through passionate empathy and understanding, along with the powerful spirit of todays youth. They, unique via our digitally shifting world - and informed of any interest at will, will become the champions of humanity. The babies of now will become the rescuers and ...Read more

Anonymous picture

thank you Jeff for doing what you can to inspire us to do what we all can achieve if we look inwardly...then act in our daily choices in life

Anonymous picture

Fantastic...I HOPE WE AWAKEN IN TIME..Especially for the little ones..THANK YOU JEFF,FOR THE ENLIGHTENMENT.