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Life Itself
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Life Itself
The Life of Roger Ebert

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Comments (6)

Anonymous picture

Many thanks to Chaz Ebert-relationships so special because of the gaeity and puns! You are a trustworthy anchor. Many thanks again, to you and your children.

Anonymous picture

Really enjoyed this film. I just had more respect for him as a film critic and most film critics. Love his relationship with Roeper too - the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Russell avatar

A gentle but not uncritical reflection on the work Ebert did to popularize film appreciation. I will always admire Ebert's push to make everyone feel welcome at the movies and his insistence that films be taken in their context--especially when it means giving Stanley Kubrick a thumbs down ...Read more

Anonymous picture

beautiful movie

Anonymous picture

A brilliant tribute to one of America’s greatest film critics and a timely reminder of the important role film critics play in promoting cinema and film literacy.

Anonymous picture

Beautiful story of a special guy