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Fighting Fat
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Life at 3

The story continues for the children of The Life Series--now they are three--as they reveal what it takes to give a child the best chance at life. Over two episodes Life at 3 measures our group of children against the latest scientific findings on two of the hottest topics in child development-obesity and bad behaviour.

The Life Series is made in conjunction with a long-term study-Growing Up in Australia-in which 10,000 children have been placed under a sociological and scientific microscope. Combining powerful and intimate stories with cutting edge science, the series aims to reveal the secrets of child development. The longitudinal study has found that 25 per cent of toddlers are already overweight or obese--the most significant health issue facing Australian children.

Life at 3 seeks answers to the problem using the latest biological and behavioural science. Research also shows that children must start to learn how to control their behaviour at three if they are to perform well at school. As the lives of these children unfold, we see whether the hopes of their parents and the predictions of the scientists match reality. Join us on the greatest journey of all--life.

Running Time
112 mins
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2 videos included