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Let The Corpses Tan
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Let The Corpses Tan

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Comments (16)

Anonymous picture

The French are making some pretty good Grindhouse these days: "Raw," "Revenge," and all the pictures of the Forzani-Cattet duo. This is no exception. It's probably even better if you're in your twenties and wicked high.

Anonymous picture

Cross-breed Wes Anderson’s eye with Luca Guadagnino’s sense of touch, and you’d begin to approach the type of sensations that Cattet & Forzani are peddling here. It’s heady, visceral stuff, with the information density of a flight-academy midterm. LET THE CORPSES TAN certainly wasn’t made ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Stylistically derivative of Tarantino and his sources, but boring withal. Who lives? Who dies? Who cares?

Anonymous picture

Overwhelmingly flashy. It actually became something of a fever dream by the end, rather exhausting. I think I enjoyed it enough up until then to be able to recommend it if you're a sucker for bold, surreal, and inventive visuals, even when they drag down the energy of a film.

Anonymous picture

like a french tarantino film.... if tarantino were MORE horny and obsessed with leather somehow

Rene avatar

Pushes the boundaries of what can be achieved cinematically on a small budget. A joyful spaghetti crime caper for the new millennium.

Anonymous picture

I watched 10 minutes and knew it wasn't for me. Had a very strong feeling it would be a waste of time.

Frank Sherman avatar
Frank Sherman

I havent' sene this but after seeign the trailer i know one thing, THIS is good. Will be watching soon.

Anonymous picture

This husband and wife director team are my favorite thing to happen to modern cinema. Beautifully composed images, mesmerizing editing, brilliant sound design - they're like the love child of Godard and Antonioni. People calling this silly are missing the point.

Anonymous picture

It's a very fun watch, nothing more, nothing less. I had a blast watching it

Anonymous picture

Pretty silly but stylish fluff.

Anonymous picture

Seeing this a few days after Vox Lux, which was just awful in every way. This is no less ridiculous but at least it's not trying to be anything more than a loony style exercise.

Anonymous picture

vox lux is great

Anonymous picture

This....was...a movie.

I think the filmmakers are so intent on channeling 60's Italian cinema (even though this is a crime movie, there are BIG gouts of Giallo and Spaghetti Western stuff on view) that the style interferes with the story. I was frequently lost as to what was going on ...Read more

Zaike avatar

the filmmaking on display is incredible. photography, sound, EDITING!!!! Fun plot, not much in the way of characters, but gleeful an virtuosic creativity. Might get a little exhausting by the end, but that feels like the point.

Jorge avatar

started off interesting then dissolved into something unintentionally silly trying to be artsy