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Learning to See
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Learning to See
The World of Insects

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Comments (11)

Rocky avatar

A beautiful film respecting the insects & their importance to our ecosystem.

Anonymous picture

Stunning, beautiful, fascinating and heartfelt. This team of well-intended patient men are gently helping us see, honor and protect our fellow creatures.

Anonymous picture

Caveat: this is more about the human photographer than insects.

Anonymous picture

An absolutely fantastic and inspiring personal story.

A good-natured man doing important environmental awareness work that will help to restore your faith in humanity.

A story also exquisitely told.

Thank you!!!

Please add English subtitles for the Spanish ...Read more

Minami avatar

Thanks for your comment! The English subtitles are now available.

Anonymous picture

I envy Robert for having found his passion and having done so it is reflected on his body of work. What a wonderful contribution.

Anonymous picture

Thoroughly lovely!

Anonymous picture

This is such a wonderful documentary. I love how he is so close to nature, these insects are so beautiful and deserve respect to their habitats. Thanks, Mr. Oelman for sharing your unique gift with the world.

Leslie avatar

This wonderful photographer (and deep respecter of insect life) has a website where his exquisite work is shown:
Very interesting and ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Thank you!

Anonymous picture

Thank you for the info!