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The Last Laugh
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The Last Laugh
On Holocaust Jokes and Comedic Taboo

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Anonymous picture

Great film. Very important and entertaining and funny contribution to world culture - especially in US where culture is in time of rapid reapportionment - whites/Caucasians will no longer be numerical majority, for first time, and never to be majority again, just another group among similar ...Read more

Sue avatar

I hated "life is Beautiful". Thank you Mel Brooks for letting me know that I'm not the only one. My father was a survivor.

Lauren avatar

As a third generation descendant of holocaust survivors as well as a life-long comedy enthusiast, this film was really special for me. I thought the filmmakers did a great job balancing the comedian interviews/performances and documenting the lives of survivors. Watching Renee Firestone was ...Read more


This was enjoyable but I still hold that there are many subjects that are not funny ( cancer, rape, terrorists, child molestation...). That being said I do not deny any victim of the above to make jokes, it is their tragedy and they can cope with it anyhow they like - I personally don't ...Read more