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An Aboriginal Australian Shares His Story and Wisdom

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Anonymous picture

Melanie thank you so much for this very moving documentary. I am a social work student who was urged to watch your film in a lecture this morning on Anti Oppressive Practice. I too feel so much sadness and am appalled at the horrendous treatment Aboriginal people have endured and continue to ...Read more

Melanie avatar

KANYINI was born out of my desire to understand and connect with Indigenous Australians.

Being part of the dominant culture in a recently “colonised” country I had next to no contact whatsoever with Indigenous Australians until I was in my mid twenties. In a country where Indigenous ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Hi Melanie,
Thank you so much for producing this film and getting Uncle Bob's message out. I'm from the Philippines and watching this film helped crystallized an understanding on what had happened to our country (also colonized for almost 4 centuries) and the current state of the world. ...Read more