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James Baldwin: The Price of the Ticket
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James Baldwin: The Price of the Ticket
The Legendary Author and Civil Rights Activist

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Anonymous picture

The eloquence, electricity, and experience of James Baldwin's firey intelligence is riveting to observe. His admissions of being frightened and angry, yet still optimistic, are felt through the knowingness of his eyes, the cadence of his speech, and the powerful forgiveness of his smile. ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Excellent documentary chronicling the life of one of America's most precious icons. Very well done, his legacy shall endure.

Anonymous picture

Who are the voices of our generation today? A quieter time is upon us and I wish I had a leader today with that fire to help spark that exhilaration in me that has gone out or maybe never existed. We have "Black Live Matter" and hatch tags for every cause, but trends come and go so fast ...Read more

Anonymous picture

He is not a black man, but Chris Hedges speaks much truth, drawing I believe from the same moral spring as Baldwin.

Anonymous picture

A beautiful film homage to an American hero.