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Inexplicable Physics
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Inexplicable Physics

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6 episodes in this series

Episode 1 History's Mysteries
Begin this journey by taking a closer look at concepts that were once unexplainable but are now better understood. You'll focus on two such former mysteries: the existence of an…
Episode 2 The Spooky Universe
Did you know that electrons have never actually been observed by scientists to this day? Or that quarks can only be studied in pairs? Or that as you travel faster…
Episode 3 Inexplicable Life
Join Professor Tyson on a fascinating investigation of the possible origins of life in the universe. Why was Jupiter believed to be a good environment for life in the 17th…
Episode 4 Inexplicable Physics
Turn now to some inexplicable aspects of physics and our physical world. Among the many eye-opening topics you'll learn about in this episode are the discovery of more and more…
Episode 5 Inexplicable Space
Shoot off into the stars for an investigation of some perplexing aspects of space that science has uncovered in the last half-century. Learn about the mysterious trajectory of the Pioneer…
Episode 6 Inexplicable Cosmology
Brace yourself for a fascinating trip through dimensions higher than our own. You'll discover how quantum physics and string theory have opened our eyes to the possibilities of quantum foam,…

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Comments (1)

Janice avatar

Fascinating. And I learned something I should have learned in high school. There is an order to the Table of Elements. I don't have it memorized, but at least I finally know there is reason to that rhyme.