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The Importance of Modeling
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Improving Adolescent Writers

How can we teach today's students to write with clarity, passion, and purpose? How can we move all students -- even those who struggle or are reluctant -- forward in their skills as writers? In Improving Adolescent Writers, Kelly Gallagher invites you into his classroom for an in-depth look at ways to successfully answer these questions, and more. Through a variety of methods - modeling, mid-process assessment, small-group conferring, grammar and editing mini-lessons, revision techniques, and identifying the many real-world purposes for writing - Kelly demonstrates how to teach writing so that adolescents internalize the habits and skills of good writers. Along the way they learn that writing is messy, hard work but well worth the struggle and effort. They become more than better writers; ultimately, they become better thinkers. About The Author Kelly Gallagher is a teacher with over twenty years of high school teaching experience behind him. He is currently a full-time teacher at Magnolia High School in Anaheim, California. He believes that "there is no greater pleasure than teaching someone something." Teaching is "artistic, it matters a great deal, and I can never get the job down perfectly."

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