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I Am Not Your Negro
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I Am Not Your Negro
James Baldwin and Race in America

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definition of racism

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Incredible movie. Currently reading "Martin & Malcolm" by James Cone and this is a fantastic complement. Highly, highly recommend watching.

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This documentary brought me to tears. Currently I am reading Zuboff's The Age of Surveillance Capitalism which documents how surveillance capitalism (look it up!) and its data collecting techniques are changing marketing across the globe. While the book does not touch on this topic directly, ...Read more

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Thank you for this movie. I didn't even know who James Baldwin was, and now, after hearing his words, seeing his face, I am left thinking all of these new ideas.

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very well produced, instantly in love with Baldwin

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Phenomenal film. Highly recommended.

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I still don't have sufficient words
to describe the oppression that the American people
are forced to go through.

You bend and coil
this way and that,
twisting as a rope
But still... it's not enough.

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It takes courage to live the life as how it really is, without masking or rationalizing, and still be able to envision a better future, instead of drowning in the bleak reality. It doesn't come naturally to us. Everyone has to hold the torch for a while for the others. Everyone has to at ...Read more

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Baldwin taught me to understand what it means to live in a Black person's shoes, brilliant.

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Mr. Baldwin to you. Many people in my parents' and grandparents' generation and in my generation could not be as respectful or be viewed as bein respectful to a Black person as to append a respectable social title on a Black person's last name, preferring to call the person by the last name. ...Read more

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pride. still, even though, i cheer from the outside.

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Lucid, brilliant, Baldwin. America has not produced a more articulate critique of racism than what this man has offered us. Watch, listen, learn.

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We see now, exactly what Baldwin, in his unflinching articulation and prescient brilliance speaks of when he points out the cold heart that allows colonization, slavery and racism. It is a stinging balm of truth and the pain it takes to bear it.

Mei Mei avatar
Mei Mei

James Baldwin is the best US/American writer I've ever read, and none of my schools ever assigned him. A dreadful shame. But that's only one of the many mistakes we make with the US education curriculum.

In my opinion, the answer to the question at the end has to do with toxic ...Read more

Anonymous picture

A great, great, soul-shaking experience.

Anonymous picture

Agree. I'm not quite sure what to do next, but I know something must be done.

Frank Sherman avatar
Frank Sherman

Personally, I didn't know that much about this topic going into it. After all, I grew up in Santa Fe with only one other sibling. BUT, I found this movie to be very stimulating. I am NOT a racist, mind you. I know, very many people who I would identify as such. SO, I decided to show this ...Read more

Roderick avatar

Wisdom is always on-time. Thoroughly enjoyed the historical range and events that help shape my life. Thank you.

James avatar

Baldwin's words are still relevant three generations later but now the spectre of racism has the additional power of an American president who endorses continuing the violence against people of color as well as violence against all minorities of any kind be it sexual orientation, gender, ...Read more

Anonymous picture

This needs to be shown in colleges and high schools throughout America!

Anonymous picture

Agreed! And his writing should be assigned reading.

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Really powerful. #blacklivesmatter

Anonymous picture

Wow!!! I took a looong deep breath after Baldwin's last statement! I shed tears watching this, but could not take my eyes off the screen. THIS is a really powerful documentary and I hope every American gets to watch it.

Joan avatar

Brilliant. And Baldwin was so right to say what he did at the end of this film.
The fact is, that the US is failing. It has destroyed itself in shallow self absorption and has lost all sense of what it means to be in touch with the human condition.
It isn't about race ...Read more

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I reminder each and every day. today and on!

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best of all time. truth.

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It has to be painful to harbor such hatred for another race of people

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watched at grande abuelas it was provoking


Terrific ! Enjoyed it immensely.

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i am glad i finally watched this documentary.

Anonymous picture

If you were moved by this documentary, you'll want to listen to the podcast "Seeing White". We white folk are so used to being the norm, the standard against which all others (particularly people of color) are evaluated. This podcast turns the lens back on what it means to be white in our ...Read more

Allyson avatar

Thank you for naming this podcast. I'm listening now.

Anonymous picture

"Sonny's Blues" is the story that made me a reader. I hope the movie spurs people to read all his wonderful writings, both fiction and non. I can't help but wonder where the James Baldwins of today are? Do they get drowned out by all the noise? Or am I not listening?

Anonymous picture

Brilliant Documentary..

Anonymous picture

So powerful and poignant!

Anonymous picture

excellent!!! I liked the film a lot :)

Anonymous picture

Amazing film. I cannot believe I took so long to see it. I plan to teach it in my next class.

Anonymous picture

excellent, excellent illustration of America's fabric and tapestry. Mr. Peck has done a yeoman's job in capturing the vision and wisdom of our brother, Baldwin, who was a great writer and activist. Thank you!

Daria avatar

Such a poignant, eye-opening documentary capturing the very legacy of American racism and the heart of our socio-political, cultural problems to date (2018)! I am a fan of Baldwin and have started to research this American literary giant. I also love Art as Activism even in our present ...Read more

Anonymous picture

A very important and moving film especially in light of what is taking place in the US today.

Anonymous picture

I recommend reading this article as a supplement to this documentary that brings forward Baldwin's queer identity:
"But as political activism today frequently fails to be adequately intersectional, it's important to remember that not only was James Baldwin unapologetically black, but he ...Read more

Anonymous picture

This is certainly a masterpiece that successfully blends history and art in film. It is sad because of the reality that it reflects, but it truly counterbalances the shallow history of the USA that is normally presented. It is also very dense, requiring a second or even a third viewing to ...Read more

Anonymous picture

History is repeating itself, I guess!

Anonymous picture

Fantastic!! His final words in this doc, especially, are incredible.

Anonymous picture

I am an international student from India. This documentary really helped me to understand the history of racial discrimination in the U.S.

Anonymous picture

In the America Mr. Baldwin was writing about Blacks were/are the "Untouchables." One who is not Black cannot understand...EVER. To even begin to think about understanding, one must realize that White people came to Africa and TOOK doctors, lawyers, "indian chiefs", mothers, fathers, ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Has it been a big shock to see how deeply rooted racism is in the U.S?

Anonymous picture

Kudos Dipak for seeking the truth.

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I am different after watching and listening. The resonance of the voice, the truth of the words. A necessity in any classroom.